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Spotlight on Arruba Danson

For his latest project, you won’t find Arruba Danson rapping about strip clubs, getting high or making money as most rappers tend to do. Nope, he doesn’t tend to follow those trending tropics like other hip hop artists. “I wanted to do something that was creative because I’m a creative person. I didn’t just want to do just random songs,” stated Arruba. According to the talented artist, he’s a really big fan of horror movies which is also reflected his latest music. “Some people might listen to this album, and think I worship the devil or something, but it’s not like that at all,” stated Arruba. “When you listen to the album, it’ll put you in a whole other world.” Influenced by Eminem’s early days, Arruba says the album tells a story of a troubled young man, Marcus, who is possessed by an evil entity. He eventually goes on a massacre and slowly becomes consumed by the demon within him after learning his girlfriend is cheating on him. “There’s a lot writing involved and a lot of skits which are really theatrical, too. I think it’s really different. This album is dark, so if you’re a fan of horror or suspenseful movies, you’ll appreciate this,” stated Arruba. According to Arruba he’s very pleased with the finished product, describing each track as a suspenseful chapter that’ll keep fans yearning for more. “Some songs on the album are really aggressive and long because the contain skits. My sound is definitely different. I don’t ever want to be put in a box,” stated Arruba.

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To learn more about this up-and-coming artist, visit his website at: www.arrubadanson.com.