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[Single] Tain (@iamtain804) - Bust It Open

You’ll seldom find a more relatable, motivated artist than TAIN (a.k.a. “Maintain Beats”). Before making the leap to music, TAIN was a high profile athlete with college-level potential until he came to the realization that while basketball would always be a great love, music had the power to build him a true career. TAIN’s love for music was the catalyst for his start, ultimately leading to him becoming a multifaceted songwriter, producer, and musician. TAIN recently tweeted to his many followers, “If you have a gift, embrace it and do something with it now.

The artist is excited to announce that his newest single, “Bust it Open,” was released on March 24th. A track perfect for a night at the club, the song is upbeat with a West Coast vibe, and in a word: Cheeky. It’s a fun track about loving on the ladies so well that they think about the rendezvous the next day.

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The most enticing thing about TAIN is his reliability. His songs cover all issues and topics, and venture from triumph, to struggle, to the streets and sheets. The artist’s most valuable quality is versatility and his ability to make everyone who listens to his music understand and feel his words on a deeper level.

Though his job as a musician is second only to his love for God, his main motivation is his love for his children, and his every day struggle to do and perform at his best is in their interests, to give them a “better life than he had.”

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