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Spotlight on DK plus track "Pie"

What do you want to know about David Kristopher, the Musician, also known as DK? What I know most about him is his debonair style with music. He can take any genre of music and give it real class. He can make it be real. This man has what it takes to give you the tunes you need to hear. His voice is smooth. His voice will caress your soul.

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But who is David Kristopher? He was born and raised in the Houston area, where he currently resides. He sings frequently at local venues and has been featured on internet radio shows such as on Love 2 Jam Radio. He owns and operates Sing with Ur Soul Entertainment. David Kristopher’s songs range from “Smile” to “Beautiful, Inside and Out” and “Bottom Shelf.” His first cd he sang was “Plate Full of Soul,” which was produced by Beanz N Kornbread. He recently came out with an R&B cd called “Ciroc and Lemonade”. He also collaborated on the cd called “The Establishment” with Drastiko Gutterlife. Be sure to stay on the lookout for what he is coming up with next!