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Spotlight on Erica Orange (@EricaOrange1)

Erica Orange has always had a profound love for music, but it wasn’t until she had the opportunity to get in the studio and record that she saw its true potential as a career. Once she’d had a taste, it became a catalyst for what would inevitably become her life’s work. “Music is something I live for,” says the singer. She first appeared as a vocalist on J.T. Johnson's album I'm Doing Me in 2010. After getting her start on that project, she recorded her first solo single "My Love Sounds Like Music" in 2011. Relatable and motivating, Erica’s motivation is to make people happy; to give them a way to go through life’s troubles and trials with an uplifting message. “I write about relationships and heartbreak, but I’m not sappy. I write so you won’t feel as bad about what’s happening.”

Inspired by artists of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Orange brings an old school vibe to a new age sound. “I am a real different kind of artist. I like to try different styles, I don’t put myself in a box and I like to try out new things. Any genre, any kind of music. I’m a diverse artist.”

Erica Orange’s latest project, an 8-track album titled Drink Pop Rock, will be released on May 2nd, 2016, and the artist is excitedly anticipating its debut. Out of all of the 8 superbly written tracks, Orange’s favorite is the title track, “Drink Pop Rock.” The song is about a far-from-perfect relationship, where each partner has been burned or hurt. But, instead of the song being dreary, it has an air of optimism. The song tells them to stop overthinking things, let’s just have fun with our little situation. Let’s see where it goes. Let’s dance, and be free and happy. Don’t worry about getting burned.

The future is bright for the young singer. Her ultimate dream is to make people happy and inspire them with her songs, but also to brand herself to the extent that she can pursue other passions, such as fashion, movies and more. For now, the artist will continue writing hits that she calls “songs for everyone.”

Erica Orange is represented by J. T. Productions/records, LLC

For more information, visit www.recordingstudioinmemphistn.com

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