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Spotlight on Larry Mossburg

Four months into the New Year, and the talented Larry Mossburg is wasting absolutely no time putting his latest single, “UP” out there for the masses to enjoy.

“I’m pretty excited about it. It should be pretty big,” stated Mossburg.

According to the Ohio rapper, when fans listen to it for the first time, he hopes they find it empowering—and it inspires them to go out and take on the world and weather through any bad storm.

“This track is personally about me starting from the bottom and working my way up into the music industry,” explained Mossburg. “I hope when people here the song and my other music, they get motivation from it. I hope they use the words in my song and apply it to their own life.”

According to Mossburg, the single will be part of a bigger project in the near future. When making music, the up-and-coming artist says he wants to make songs that make his listeners “feel good.”

“My songs tend to be more up tempo. It sounds a lot like the trap music you hear on the radio today,” stated Mossburg. “I’m really proud of what I put out so far.”

So far, fans appear to like what they hear. After all, Mossburg has an impressive social media following. On Facebook alone, he has more than 18,000 fans. On Twitter, he has nearly 11,000 followers. To learn more about Mossburg, check him out on his website: www.larrymossburg.com.