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[Single] DNA Stone (@DnastoneDj) - Trap Heavy

Born and bred amongst the hardened streets, Chicago native Damien Jackson (a.k.a DNA Stone) had a humble start to his music career. Armed with a $10 microphone and $20 mixing board, the artist and his nephew began making music together at the young age of eighteen. After years as an amateur, making music with less-than-ideal equiptment, DNA Stone is finally realizing his dream of becoming a professional musician, and it’s been a long time coming. “Music is my heart. My passion,” says DNA Stone, “I’m going to take it to the moon.”

DNA Stone has experienced more trials and challenges in his life than most people, serving time in incarceration, which now serves as a significant source of inspiration for his music. His latest single, “Chopper Games,” tells a story of crime, hardship, and mistrust – circumstances the artist refers to as “the harsh reality of Chicago,” rife with illegal activity and betrayal. “The song is about keeping it up front,” explains the artist, “Illegal or legal. It’s about loyalty.”

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Loyalty plays a big role in DNA Stone’s music, after the performer experienced the feelings and consequences that accompany betrayal firsthand. His first solo project, “No Room For Questions Vol. I” (which recently made its video debut) speaks to

feelings of mistrust and doubt. “I’ve left behind the nonsense and BS, and now I shouldn’t have any worries about the people in my life. If there are questions, there is no trust,” which is how the EP earned its title, “No Room For Questions.”

DNA Stone is a no-holds-barred, refreshingly candid artist who will try any sound or vibe in his music, resulting in no two songs sounding alike. “You could hear two different songs, and not know it was me,” laughs the performer. However difficult his life has been, DNA Stone’s experiences have lent themselves to authentic, upfront lyrics. When DNA Stone says “I’m the realest,” it’s obvious he means it.

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