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Spotlight on Blizzy (@youngblizack)

Young new artist uses music to inspire others

Some musicians make music for themselves, others make music to make money.

Blizzy is the kind of up-and-coming new artist who make music for others. It’s his life’s ambition, in fact, to create music that inspires others to realize their dreams.

A self-described “young, hard-working entrepreneur,” Blizzy is a 22-year-old artist who has just released a new EP on iTunes and is beginning to book some shows throughout New York. He says his music is a reflection of his attitude toward life: “Just trying to live a good life.”

“You only live life once, and I’m just trying to live it as best as I can,” he said. “I feel like I can impact people’s lives if I can be heard. Not a lot of people have had the chance to hear me yet, but those who have tell me I sound like a super star.”

That unique sound is something Blizzy has been intentional about. He says his mixture of hip-hop and rap is versatile and different than most of what’s out there. Though he’s inspired by other artists such as Future, Montana 300 and Drake, he works hard to create a sound that’s individual and unique to him, with one specific goal: “to touch a lot of people’s hearts.”

Blizzy first got started with music in seventh and eighth grade when he and some friends began creating sounds and experimenting as DJs. He became serious about it during his junior year of high school and says that’s when he really fell in love with music.

“I really love the way you can express yourself and show who you are through music,” he said.“In a lot of ways I want to be the new future in music.” His new EP took about two months to put together and includes a number of tracks that he’s created over the past five years. One of his favorite singles is “Audio Bars,” which he said references everything he’s done with rap music and compares it to drugs – and though that initially might sound negative, the song itself has a positive spin and an inspirational message.

“Everyone who knew me when I was little thought I’d grow up and sell drugs,” he said. “But instead of selling drugs I’ve grown up and I’m making music. I’m selling inspiration, not drugs, and it’s all through music. It’s me and it’s just so different.” Another favorite single is “Self Made,” which he said celebrates people who have done things on their own despite the challenges they might face.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from – the ghetto or the projects,” he said. “If you keep chasing for a goal or a dream, one day you will achieve it.” In addition to the EP on iTunes, Blizzy also has a website – www.everythingblackk.com – that features a lot of his music. He’s also active on social media, with the Twitter handle @youngblizack – a spin off of a single he created a few years back that has inspired his current artist name. Blizzy also stays connected with his fans on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.