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Spotlight on Louie K

Wilmington, DE Upcoming artist Louie K returns to the music scene with a reignited passion for his art, after a brief hiatus from his musical pursuits. The self-proclaimed “King of Swag” (also known by his trademark "Mr. Swaggaveli”) continues to grow and evolve as an artist with each new project. Louie K’s music and brand are inspired by industry greats, such as Kanye West, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne.

Music and writing have always been a lifelong passion for the artist, who spent high school mixing and recording his own tracks and writing stories and rhymes about personal life experiences. Dedicated to the grind, Louie K has always admired his parents’ perserverance and “how hard they worked,” and hopes to emulate their dedication and tenacity. His music is a direct reflection of who he his as a person, and his plight to become a household name in the rap scene. “I’m inspired by a lot of experiences,” explains the artist, “Relationship issues. Family issues. Music is the way I express myself.”

Louie’s musical spark was ignited in 2012, after being featured in Mr. Dreamz magazine alongside other prominent upcoming artists. The artist has also built hype circa the local airways and stages across the country, gaining fans wherever he goes.

His song, “T.M.F,” an acronym for “Too Much Finessing,” tells a story of Louie K’s

personal plight for musical success. “It’s about me staying true to myself. It’s about grinding. About me being focused,” he explains, shedding light on his return to music and his fierce dedication to success. Louie K’s determination will be the key to his musical triumph; His talent and stage presence will ultimately turn passion and potential into prosperity.

Louie K’s latest single will be released this Spring, date TBD.

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