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Spotlight on Sick DaPunchLiner (@mtmgangsick)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. – Growing up on the streets of inner city Chicago, Sick DaPunchLiner found hope in rap music. During his high school years, he began to get into battle rap … and he was good. Real good. So good that those who heard him would say, “That dude’s sick! He’s sick wit it!” And so a legend was born. Sick DaPunchLiner’s most recent single, “Pull Up,” is a nod to his days in Chicago and a message to those who don’t believe in him that he has already overcome adversity, and he’ll do it again.

“Right now I just want to solidify my street-cred,” Sick said. “I’m from the hood in Chicago. I’m originally from the struggle. I’m originally from where there isn’t too much opportunity and people don’t usually see success. I want to show people with my music that you can come from where I come from and achieve what I have achieved.”

Sick has become part of the growing music scene in Minnesota and is rapidly rising in notoriety as one of the top rappers to watch in 2016. He has a cadence and delivery that are unique. Combined with lyrics that are a combination of dark, raw, intense and personal emotions and it’s no wonder how he’s becoming one of the new artists to know.

Sick is also a record producer, and got his big break earlier this year when he collaborated on and produced an song for Chicago rap juggernaut King Louie. Their single “IDKU” has made major waves in Chicago and is beginning to make its way through Minnesota.

“Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve noticed that it’s a growing music scene here. It’s very active with a lot of artists out here who are very talented. It’s really helped me with my vocabulary and I feel like I’ve been able to step into a different range and learn how to talk about different things.”

In fact, part of what makes Sick DaPunchLiner so intriguing is that he continually strives to connect with his audience. There’s an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice.

“I don’t just rap trill,” he said. “I’m a multi-talented artists and I have a lot of different records based on anything from suicide prevention and anti-depression, to fighting against drinking and driving. I’m putting out positive stuff, not just negative.”

Sick said he’s been inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, 2Pac and Biggie and that he hopes to have a career that soars in the same way theirs have. His long-term goals are to get some kind of distribution deal or record deal and build a substantial buzz with fans who interact with him daily via social media. He’s hoping to reach 1 million views on YouTube for his new single “Pull Up.” And as things grow, he’d like to collaborate with Future, who has tapped into the music scene in Atlanta.

Check out more of Sick DaPunchLiner’s music on his website, sickdapunchliner.com – or interact with him on social media via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud.