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[Video] Rid Tha Riddler (@RidThaRiddler) - Lit

Talented, Detroit native, Rid Tha Riddler, is putting the finishing touches on his latest project that promises to not disappoint. To some fans’ surprise, he’s drawing inspiration for the title track from a popular Disney movie that’s currently doing well at the box office.

“The title of my upcoming EP is called ‘Red Flower.’ That’s what they call fire in the Jungle Book. I recently saw the movie and it was the inspiration for this upcoming project,” stated the talented rapper.

However, that’s as far as the parallels go. According to the hip hop star in the making, ‘Red Flower’ is based on adult-themed content composed of seven up-tempo tracks. The EP is scheduled for a September 2016 release.

“With this upcoming release, fans can expect to hear more club songs. It’s definitely going to a little more commercial,” he stated. “I’m really excited to put it out and allow everyone to listen to. I haven’t dropped any big projects in a while.”

The upcoming project will include several club related songs as well as tracks that delve into deep issues fans can relate to. So far, Rid Tha Riddler has been performing the EP’s first single, “Lit,” around the country to positive feedback. He recently wrapped up filming of the music video to the debut single from the highly anticipated project. (To watch the video, click here.)

“Basically the song is all about having fun, and just being you. My first sentence in the lyrics go, I can follow ya’ll, but I rather do it my way. I’m just being myself in the song,” he explained.

The single is already available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. To learn more about Rid That Riddler, check him out on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.