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[Single] DiceGame Gambinos - Go Dumb Dumb

Cincinnati, OH The DiceGame Gambinos are one determined group. The talented Cincinnati trio has had to overcome a slew of obstacles, but has persevered and the group is finally en route to musical greatness. The group began as a foursome, and making music together was merely a hobby. After a series of life’s struggles and challenges, two of DiceGame Gambinos’ members found themselves serving years behind bars. For many, incarceration might have meant the end – but the now three members of the group were more determined than ever to change the course of their lives for the better. In 2011, they became the DiceGame Gambinos and began their journey; investing time, resources, and talent to create music together.

Their most recent efforts have culminated into the impending release of a mixtape, in the works and scheduled to be released late this summer, 2016. The album is said to be filled with street drama, romance, and entertainment, something all fans will find relatable. To give audiences a glimpse at the group’s latest sound, and build anticipation for the release of the album, the DiceGame Gambinos released their single, “Go Dumb Dumb,” on June 1st, which is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

DiceGame Gambinos’ creative process is both unique and innovative. Once they’ve settled on a beat, the group splits up, allowing each artist to write corresponding lyrics individually, before entering the studio. There, the words are melded together and transformed into a finished product. This allows each artist’s musical chops and inspiration to shine, and the group finds no difficulty coming together to collaborate in the studio. “It’s amazing to do it with guys who have the same vision,” says bandmate L.B. (also known as Lil B), “We take an idea, and make something out of nothing.” The group has quite lofty goals. Not only are they a musical group themselves, but they manage their own label, and are eager to acquire more budding talent to add to their roster, which will allow the group to quit their 9-5 life, and commit to music full time. “We’d love to have other artists to help us grow, and help the community grow,” the members chime in, expressing interest in paying their good fortune forward, “There are a lot of artists in our area that have talent, and we’d like to give them an opportunity.”

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