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[Mixtape] Aston Martin Piff (@YungPiff09) - Lifestyles Vol. 2

BOSTON, MA – When Michael Dejion Wilder began to be serious about making music, he decided to move from his hometown of Boston to Miami, Fl. It was a calculated move that he hoped would advance his career as an aspiring hip-hop artist. Using the named Yung Piff, he began to carve out a name for himself – booking multiple live shows in clubs throughout the Miami area and collaborating as a producer for a number of other artists.
But it wasn’t until a night out with some executives with the Maybach Music Group that his legend was born.
“At the time I was doing shows with a lot of unknown artists, and I’d met a few of the Maybach Music people,” Wilder said. “On this particular night right before New Years, I got real drunk when we were out at a club, and I ended up taking one of their Aston Martins – the valet guy was supposed to park the car but he was preoccupied so I jumped in and took it. I was drunk out of my mind, but I took the car to Ocean Drive and I packed it with girls, and then I came back to the club. When I got back they were ferocious. They were so mad it was crazy. But they loved it because I came back with a car full of girls. So they couldn’t be that mad. And from then they started calling me Aston Martin.”
The name has stuck, and as he’s grown in notoriety as a young artist, Aston Martin Piff said the meaning behind the name has grown and evolved in tandem with his career. “When you think of an Aston Martin, you think of luxury,” he said. “My name is always going to be Yung Piff to a lot of my friends and family, but I’m a grown man now and my music shows that. I’m not a little boy driving a Honda. I’m Aston Martin now. I love that car. I’d drive that car all day. That story is more than just a trip to Miami and it’s more than just a luxury car. It’s a metaphor for success. I feel like I blew up as an artist when I got that name. I’m a grown man now and I know what I want to do with my life.”
His new mixtape “The Lifestyle Vol. 2” is a representation of that growth as an artist, he said. Over the years he’s made or collaborated on thousands of songs, and he’s built up a team of musicians and industry leaders who all work together to create music that inspires other people. This mixtape, he said, represents the choice selections from his 15 years of work and reflects many of his life experiences in a way that those who listen to it can immediately relate. He compares the mixtape to similar projects from Def Jam – when they used to put out compilations of all their artists and their select singles. All of the artists on Aston Martin’s label – Waterfelt Enterprises and Chase Boys Militia Music Group – appear on the mixtape.
“Ultimately it’s about the lifestyle of us all,” Aston Martin said. “We all have the same crazy lifestyles. For some of us it’s heartbreaking and for some of us it’s heartfelt. You can feel the pain and a lot of heartache from a lot of the artists on this mixtape. But when we’re together we forget it all. Every tree is green. All the grass is green. The water is crystal blue. Everything we do is happy. We argue and fight, but everyone has brothers and sisters who argue and fight. At the end of the day it’s the lifestyle that we want. I felt that naming all the compilations we do under that name ‘Lifestyle’ is perfect. It allows everyone to be in touch with each artist and make their favorite artist out of each individual. That’s exactly what I’ trying to do with the whole ‘Lifestyle’ movement.”
To purchase “Lifestyles Vol. 2,” visit the websites cbmmusicgroup.com and DatPiff.com, or search for Aston Martin Piff or CBMMG on SoundCloud. Those seeking information about live shows or future album or singles releases can follow Aston Martin on Twitter @YungPiff09, or on Instagram @AstonMartin_Piff. Some music videos associated with singles on the album are also available on YouTube under AstonMartinPiff.