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Spotlight on Khing Jus Wurk (@JusWurk)

BROOKLYN, NYFrank Monroe – known to fans as “Khing Jus Wurk” – has made his life’s work pushing boundaries and accomplishing the unexpected. A product of the foster system after his biological parents were denied custody following drug abuse, Khing has done the unimaginable. The first person in his family to go to college, Khing is in the pursuit of becoming a household name in the entertainment and lifestyle industries as a rapper, model, fitness enthusiast, and actor.

As a Brooklyn, NY native, Khing’s latest project is a single entitled “Keep Getting Money.” The song is a tribute to the artist’s love for his city, from a fresh and authentic perspective. “I wanted to show I could go hard for my city without sounding like everyone else,” explains the artist. After all, “New York is about originality.”

Khing is a rapper you can root for; a true Cinderella story and an inspiration to every young person on the streets who feels that they cannot accomplish anything they set their minds to. Khing Jus Wurk is successful because of his tenacity and perseverance and, as he says, “I am never going to compromise.”

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