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Spotlight on Veeh Lil’Monsterpull (@VLilMonsterpull)

BARTOW, FL – In the deep south parts of Florida, there’s a term frequently used among those in hip-hop circles. That term is “Monyon.” It’s slang for money, but it’s also the name of the new single from up-and-coming hip-hop artist Veeh Lil’Monsterpull.

Monyon means money down here in our lingo,” Veeh said. “And this song is about getting money and what people do in all kinds of ways to get money. Some people rob, some people sell drugs, and some women have sex with dudes. It’s a song that’ll make you laugh in some ways, but it’s also serious.”

The single – which is available for download on all digital media download sites, such as iTunes – is the first off a new EP due to be released Aug. 26 called “Before I S.T.U.N.T.” Veeh said the song was written by an artist he frequently collaborates with called Trey, and Veeh is featured as a rapper on the single. The EP is the first for Veeh, and features music that he says will show the hip-hop world a unique new sound.

“No one sounds like me,” he said. “I’m very different. When you hear me and how I sound – and even how I dress and my whole image – you wouldn’t picture a normal person rapping or dressing like that. But my style and my music matches me. No one can sound or flow like me. It’s something I’ve gotten good at with lots and lots of practice. And though I never tried to sound like no one else, there are people who I look up to in the industry – like Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z – because they’ve always sounded different. When you hear them, you just picture them and not anyone else, and that’s what I want my music to be.”

Veeh said he hopes that when people hear his music they not only get a good feeling and have a good time, but also gain some knowledge and gain some respect for him as a hip-hop artist. He said a lot of rappers today just spew whatever comes to their mind in the moment and don’t necessarily give much thought to their lyrics. But his songs, he said, have a specific flow and a unique perspective that combines with the popular party song vibe.

The EP that will come out in August is his best example of that style. He said its an album that will allow people to party and have fun, but it’s also mature in a way that he hopes will prove that he’s ready to become a serious threat in the hip-hop industry.

“I called it ‘Before I S.T.U.N.T. because I’m Sometimes Turned Up and Never Turned Down,” Veeh said. “This album is very hot, and it’ll be mostly for club bangers. There have been a couple of songs already from it that are getting played in clubs down here. People kept saying that I’d never put out an EP, but I finally did. That’s the most exciting part to me, and I’m even more excited to hear what people think when it comes out next month.”

A music video for the single “Monyon” can be found on YouTube, and those who follow Veeh on social media can find out more about upcoming live shows or new music releases. He’s active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and can be followed on Snapchat @VLilMonsterpull.