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Notcho - "I Can’t Take It" ft. Lavelle [Video]


"I Can't Take It" [Video]

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"I Can't Take It" is set to appear on Notcho's upcoming EP The Peril. The entire project is dedicated to the senseless violence and killings by both the police and Black on Black crime, as is illustrated in the visuals for "I Can't Take It." A natural storyteller through his music, Notcho shares experiences, and conveys messages of positivity and inspiration. The themes in his music range from pride and family, to politics as he delivers an important message: the sky is the limit.
Twitter: @NotchoMusic
Instagram/Facebook: itsNotcho
About Notcho:
At fifteen, Notcho began developing as an artist when he took notice of the Hip Hop scene. His interest in the industry led him to participating in rap battles. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reactions of peers, he was inspired to pursue his career further.
Inspired by his mother’s martial arts teachings, it became a creative outlet, used to rid negativity and to help build the discipline and character that he is now known for. Notcho went on to share his learnings with others, teaching classes to the youth and performing in-person demos. It was through one of these demos that he was discovered by a representative from boxer Lenox Lewis’ camp, who immediately added Notcho to their team.
His new role as a bodyguard for Lenox Lewis allowed Notcho to travel the world, accompanying Lenox Lewis to all of his fights. This experience opened the doors for other bodyguard opportunities where he was assigned to guard some of the biggest names in entertainment. Eventually, Notcho returned to his first love—music. He released a single titled “Legacy” and it 2010 it was featured on the motion picture soundtrack for the film “Fathers of the Sport.”
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