[Video] Mika Luciano - Sending Shots

This twitter beef between these two females rappers has went to a whole new level. Lucci Vee and The west side of Chicago's own Mike Luciano decided to battle it out in the studio. I would say this is a sneak diss record but she's saying her name and said it will not stop until Lucci Vee address her and do a public apology. Subscribe to my channel now and don't forget to follow me on all social sites @Zacktv1 Connect w/ Mika Luciano: Website: http://mikaluciano.com Twitter: @mika_luciano Instagram: mikaluciano
[Video] Mika Luciano - Sending Shots [Video] Mika Luciano - Sending Shots Reviewed by Breezy Says on 11:31 AM Rating: 5

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