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Spotlight on Beat Monkey Production (BMP)

Many are called but the chosen are few and in that few are American Rap/Hip-Hop producers, Stephon Scott (Phon Doe) and Gregory Wright (BooYah) from Gadsden, Alabama. Working collaboratively as Beat Monkey Production (BMP), founded in 2013. Since the beginning, the two have been acquainted for over a decade and have been collaborating musically as business partners!

Their mutual connection to the music production was instant! Their ears for different sounds and individual styles allowed them to synergize creating a powerful infusion of sounds. With shared vision, together they are creating more than a “buzz” up & down the mid-west and southern regions and online. Within their production, you can hear elements of passion, grit and determination. They have a variety of sounds for clients and are geared to expand nationally and globally.

Enthusiastic about the future, the two plan to continue to grow and develop as they uncover n
The BeatMonkey Production team is a brand on the rise offering a powerful infusion of sounds for urban artist nationwide.
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Follow them on SOCIAL MEDIA - IG: Beat_Monkey | Twitter: Beat_Monkey | SoundCloud: Beat_Monkey