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[Video] Moneybagz Da Babyboy - Forever Mines #WESTSIDE PHOTOSHOOT

Who is Moneybagz Da Babyboy
I'm from Erie P.A. My age is 24. Birthday August 26th 1992. I been going to traveling and connecting with people around the world. Lately I connect with Florida. And have a meeting with Universal Records coming soon. The upcoming projects is "The Story Been Told" Based on "Bros Over Girls" "M.O.B A.K.A Money Over Girls" "Married To The Money". The meaning is sometimes you gotta control your hormones think with your head and brain and miss some head and brain if you trying to be successful. The girl going to cheat and be with somebody else and be like its okay everytime somebody talk to get at her or have sex with her anyways. Talking about I nevered had a girlfriend and the reason of it. Kinda in the story line process of my movie episodes we been doing "With The Fame You Think You Gave Me". Its about Me getting money all type of ways, you see other people doing they talent what they love doing in it, mortal of it If you want to be a singer do it, if you want to be a rapper do it, if you like to model take pictures you feel me. To make your parents or family happy proud of you its going cause hateful words from them cause it cause less spending time with them but the why wont you go do something when you do cant be mad cause what you did.
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