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Introducing @MZPHIT1

Name: Savasha L. Feazell
City/State: Las Vegas, NV
Stage Name: MZPHIT aka QueenElizaPhit (The Queen of Las Vegas)
Introducing @MZPHIT1
Coke/Pepsi/Dr. Pepper, Tea- Unsweet/Sweet?
Personally, I’m more of a Sprite or Grape soda type of girl. But I will take a Pepsi if that’s the last thing on earth, lol. I love tea, Raspberry is my favorite but sweet tea would be my next pick.
Favorite food?
Sea food (crab legs, shrimp, & lobster)
How long have you been doing music?
I come from a family of artists so I’ve been around the music industry all of my life. I started doing music 12 years ago.
How would you describe your music?
I would say my music is very versatile, I speak on experiences and life struggles.  Everyone can relate to my music including kids.
What are some of the biggest obstacles you have overcome?
Besides the obvious of being a female artist, demanding respect on the mic will always be an obstacle for female emcees no matter how dope we are.
Do you write all your music?
I do write all of my own verses and mostly all of my hooks. However, from time to time my team may sit down and collaborate with another artist for a hook depending on the type of song I’m working on.
What is your inspiration for being in the music industry?
My family, my fans, the kids they all believe in me. They want me to blow just as bad as I do, if not more.
When you are not in the studio What music do you listen to?
Whatever makes me feel good. I like all genres so it really just depends on my mood! People are very surprised when they see me in traffic bumpin SIA.
What are some highlights in your music career?
Opening up for RAH DIGGAS 2017 TOUR DATE! She is my all-time favorite; my mentor. To do that show was definitely an honor.
How did you come up with the single you are pushing?
Everyday life, growing up in the streets you see a lot of Ratchet characters.
What are your future goals for success?
Hitting the road and blessing the stage in other cities and countries.
If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
I would say Kendrick Lamar or Drake
What advice can you give others who may follow in your footsteps?
Stay focused on your dreams, remain humble, and don’t allow negativity distract you.
Where can our readers find your music?
All downloadable and streaming sites; Pandora, ITunes, SoundCloud You Tube, Google Play, XBox Network, CD Baby, Play Station Network and more.
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