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DJ Gucci (@Djgucci7) "The King Of The Underground" Present's L.A. Music


It was as a precocious three year-old that Curtis Jones developed a deep fascination with the hip-hop movement and made his start as a DJ. Jones had early beginnings as a rapper, which he believes allowed him an understanding of the business side of being an artist. At age nine, he was a part of a local adolescent rap group called “Profits of Rage”. Born on the Southside of Chicago, Jones, who goes by the moniker, “DJ Gucci”, also spent part of his childhood in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Growing up during the early rise of hip-hop, Jones found his inspiration watching DJ greats such as Jazzy Jeff transform the way people listened to music with a unique style of scratching and mixing. He was so inspired that he remembers countless punishments from his mother for breaking the needles on her record player while developing his scratching technique. Jones’s passion for hip-hop music has afforded him a myriad of DJing opportunities. He has spun for numerous house parties in the Northwest suburbs, and various clubs such as 1800, the MGM Lounge, Lucky’s Sports Bar and Grill and Sangria on Chicago’s Near Northside. Jones has also worked concerts with local artists and releases mixtapes very frequently, considering them practice for live gigs. When on the 1’s and 2’s, his name may be DJ Gucci, but Jones becomes a completely different person behind the turntables. The tenacious DJ taps into his “inner Jimmy,” referring to rock and roll legend, Jimmy Hendrix, whom Jones also considers to be an inspiration. Jones says, “Every time I close my eyes when I’m DJing, it’s Jimmy coming out of me.” Jones ambitiously chose the name “Gucci” because as a prominent, high-end brand, “Gucci” is associated with success and wealth, two of the DJ’s ultimate goals. Borrowing a quote from State Property, the movie, when it comes to the DJ world, Jones believes it’s either “Get Down, or Lay Down!” This translates into working hard and grinding to make it to the top or getting out the way of those that are working toward that purpose. Through DJing, Jones hopes to encourage the type of change in the hip-hop genre that Barack Obama has achieved in the political arena.

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