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[Single] Onez Onassis ft. Richer'den Most - Flossed Out

Onez Onassis was born in Brooklyn NY Nov 3rd, 1983 and as a toddler, he had a fascination with music, and as a teen, it was a get away from all the stress an average life for a fatherless child and drugs impacting his family. Even though music was his savior it didn't save him from too much always suspended from school for fighting and acting out teachers labeled him a lost cause, so after dropping outta high school he started selling drugs part-time and writing music both his main hassles for survival, and in 1996 he self-released his first tap "I'm the best", which sold well even though most people who bought it never listened to it but only helped to keep him out of the street. Since then he released 6 more mixtapes which cannot be found to this day "I sold all my tapes and never kept none for myself, lesson learned".

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