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[Video] Tru Vonne - Crazy Love

Tru Vonne, an Arizona based singer songwriter known for making hits with artists like Futuristic and being endorsed as "2018's artist to watch" by Phoenix New Times, announced that she randomly released a new single titled "Crazy Love". . .After first listen the song falls in line with most music she produces as a banger! Her video she released to announce shows her as she produced the beat and wrote the words, and we can see why she is surely becoming the next artist to make waves out of Arizona!

Find the link to her new single below.
"Crazy Love" Spotify Link - https://open.spotify.com/track/40sOMAvFp8oIfv0LxFXFkE?si=f4s0M1KHShq_YuNrYd1MDQ
Connect w/ Tru Vonne:
Instagram: truvonne_