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[Mixtape] Terrence North - Dreams Of Average

Terrence North is representing a long line of colorfully talented artists to come from the H-Town (Houston, Texas). With is own personal blend of Hip Hop and Soul, a concoction long attributed to his region, he’s on a mission to build a legacy — developing his brand, Strength in Numbers Music Group — and growing his core base by making music for all the right reasons.
“I make music because it’s therapeutic for me,” he says, “but, I also [want] to inspire. I can make many flavors, yet I always try to put a message in my music to connect with the listener.”
Terrence has been around music my whole life. His grandfather was a local DJ and had a formidable record collection, which helped shape his base. He began rapping in 2012, but didn’t start taking it seriously until 2015; for the last three years, he’s been pushing with all his might.
In 2017, he released his debut and sophomore mixtapes, ”Dreams Of Average” and ”Houstonian Dreams” — both to positive acclaim. Currently, he’s in the studio completing a collaborative project with Bronx rapper A-List titled ”TXBX Creation”, as well as finishing up ”Houstonian Dreams 2”; both of his upcoming releases are due out Summer 2018.

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Twitter: @terrencenorth
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Terrencenorthsider
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/terrencenorth
Instagram: terrencenorthsider