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Original Virtuoso Releases New Single; Announces '4MNMB' Album

Brooklyn's next up is setting the mood with his 2019 banger.

Ring in the New Year with Original Virtuoso's new single "Mood". This hip-hop banger, produced by underground German bred producer Origami Beats, is just a two-minute glimpse into what to expect from OV for the rest of the year. Over spacey synths & heavy bass, OV navigates over the beat like a true veteran, staying true to himself while still being able to push the bar of today's sound. Keeping things short and sweet with one verse, you'll be sure to have this one on repeat all day.
This single is off of his upcoming 12 track freshman effort 4MNMB. The forthcoming single is now available on all major music marketplaces of your choice. More news to come on 4MNMB.
Quotable Lyrics "Ichiban, I’m wit the gang, I’m wildin’ n shit I’m just tryna stack these fuckin’ commas n' shit I ain’t cappin’ bout no diamonds all on my wrist I’m broke as fuck, I need a deal, but I ain’t signing that shit"

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BIO Original Virtuoso is an underground rapper and songwriter straight out of Brooklyn, NY. His music captures the mistrials, fun and freedoms of his life. From a young age, he has been an avid listener and collector of hip-hop, jazz, rock and soul music. OV wrote his first rhymes at the age of 8 during the mid-2000s. Although filled with ambition and drive, the New York street life and family opposition stopped him from pursuing music as a career. It wasn’t until dropping out of college he discovered music was his life. The 23-year-old rebel has experienced a lot in the gritty streets of BK; like his musical inspiration Notorious B.I.G OV uses his music as a guiding force to remain inspired regardless of his situation. OV’s music ranges from topics like hood politics to drug dependency, racial discourses and death through witty lyrics and philosophical punchlines. OV is an artist the music industry is lacking, and he knows he still has room to grow.
Connect w/ Original Virtuoso:
Email: info@originalvirtuoso.com
Website: https://www.originalvirtuoso.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/originalvirtuoso
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ogvirtuoso
Facebook: https://facebook.com/originalvirtuosomusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/originalvirtuoso
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2aH1obwB2RP4lhsmcue6xU
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOriginvlVirtuoso