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[Single] Keem Isaiah 'Mood Change'

EARLY LIFE Hakeem Rodriguez (born August 22, 1996), known professionally as Keem Isaiah, is an American rapper, song writer and social media influencer. Originally from Los Angeles, California, his mother moved to Bronx, New York before he was two. His mother met and soon married the man who raise him to the age of 16. Keem is the eldest of seven children who lived through bouts of poverty as his family moved from state to state. It was his moving and having to leave over 5 different schools that kept him inverted. Keem began writing songs at the age of 16.
[Single] Keem Isaiah 'Mood Change'
At the age of 16 his mother and stepfather were evicted and it was at this time the family split, leaving the oldest children homeless and on their own. Feeling alone, social media became a major factor in his life as he connected to new people. Keem slept in abandoned houses which is where he met two of his most memorable friends who he now calls brothers, Wii and Dominique. Through selling drugs with them, he became a more independent person and found time to pursue music . He had hundreds of songs by the time he was 19. CAREER At 18 he began putting his lyrics to music with friends. It was also the time he began reaching out to his Aunt who is a Los Angeles talent manager and developer. She made a website for him and spent the next few years encouraging him to keep making music and insert himself into his local rap scene.
On Instagram he become popular under @6kvvm, which he claims the meaning will be disclosed later in his career. In using his social media fame, he launched his first singles, “Gucci Down” and “Ride” which garnered instant popularity. ARTISTRY INFLUENCES Early 2018 Keem encountered social media growth specialist and no current manager; Julio Vazquez. The two worked hard to establish a large fan base on instagram. Later that year Keem then dropped a single “Set you free”. This seductive, slow song grabbed the attention of a lot of females who soon began to fall in love with his music. Many can agree his music is diverse and versatile, and is not labeled to a specific genre. In July Keem dropped his single “Never Told”, and it was an instant fan favorite. Hitting the charts on SoundCloud fans were now demanding a music video; so on August 7th he released his first visual on his YouTube channel. Surpassing 50 thousands views within the first week.
In September of 2018 he released a 6 song EP titled “Rebirth”. Some of these songs included; she knows, voices, and fan favorite bipolar. In and out of jail since 14 and living on the streets since 16, a determined keem wasn’t going to let anything slow him down and kill his spirits.
[Single] Keem Isaiah 'Mood Change'
Later that month Keem had a chance to showcase his talent at festival Rolling Loud in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Fans went crazy and loved his performance as he performed his hits and entertained the crowd. During Rolling Loud he has a few interviews with “LiveZone”, “LivexLive” and top radio station “Young California”. December 3rd Keem Dropped hit single “Mood Change”,Surpassing 1 million streams in just above a week. Fans are anxiously anticipating a music video to drop soon.
Keem mentions Micheal Jackson and Biggie smalls were the first albums that he ever purchased. They became the only CD’s he would listen to for years. Usher and Eminemwere also major favorites.
During an interview he was asked why Tory Lanez is such a powerful inspiration for his work today and he said, “I connect with him on a spiritual level because of what he has gone through and how he expresses it through music”.
Birth Name Hakeem Rodriguez
Stage Name Keem Isaiah
Born August 22nd, 1996
Upland, California, UnitedStates
Orgin New York / Dallas Texas
Years Active 2016 - Present

[Single] Keem Isaiah 'Mood Change'

Website: https://keemisaiahbooking.wixsite.com/keemisaiahepk
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