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Shiadanni’s New Release “Kitty Mama” Is a Big Mood For Summer

Too much drama? Pina Colada? Ce soir? OH Kitty Mama!

The princess of Mexican Dark R&B, singer-songwriter Shiadanni  shines bright in the delicately raw new release “Kitty Mama”, highlighting warm melodies and honest vocals. The stripped back feel emits a sense of sincerity making this a heartfelt track that hits you right in the feels. The KITTY MAMA release marks second single release this year

Delivering an irresistible hook draped in vocal harmonies, Shia transforms "Kitty Mama" from a simple melody to a summer playlist sensation.  She is never afraid to be honest and revealing up to the core, even if it means being over-dramatic.

On the empowering ladies anthem, quoting Lyrics from Kitty Mama:

“They say I am just too much drama,
Yes, I am that Kitty Mam...”.

Shiadanni looks ready for a full blown project. Peep out on her cutest cat DMitri on her Instagram.