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Get Familiar With Rising Artist True'ly Young | @truelyyoung

True’ly Young is is a Hispanic-American Reggae artist better known for the hit song "By Your Side" with millions of plays on Youtube and other platforms. He’s also a Bachata, Dancehall singer, Songwriter and Rapper.

Born to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents, he grew up listening to the likes of Romeo, Anthony Santos, Wayne Wonder, Rupee, Kevin Lyttle and Nicky B, among others. He grew up surrounding himself with artists in his community which helped harvest and develop his musical taste and sound; all of which have influenced the smooth and catchy melodies that he is known for today. Before the music, came his love for poetry which would later develop into freestyles.

Now as a full blown recording artist with a music career, he has worked with artists including Daville, Dynasty the King, Nawlage, Mitch, Baby Cris, Manny, J.R. Writer, and Indian the Artist.

Look out for True’ly Young's new single "Danza" dropping in June!

Connect with True'ly Young:

Website: www.truelyyoung.com
Twitter: @truelyyoung
Instagram: truelyyoung_
Facebook: @truelyyoung17
Snapchat: @truelyyoung17
Spotify: @True’ly Young
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/truelyyoung
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCduGuYde8zpmOLRxeMmhzEQ