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[Single] jordan 'Bigbodythehills' | @praywithjordan

jordan's first single from the 'Swing Your Sword' EP 'Bigbodythehills'

jordan is an American vocalist and guitarist from North Carolina. Genres by themselves are limiting... so he uses multiple to tell stories. From a young age jordan was drawn to instruments, and developed his blended sound early on by exploring many over the years.

jordan is joined on his journey by 'Halo', his guardian angel and close friend...By crafting tales of victory and defeat, love and loss... jordan offers a perspective and sound the world can relate to : the new pop.
Twitter @praywithjordan
[Single] jordan 'Bigbodythehills' | @praywithjordan [Single] jordan 'Bigbodythehills' | @praywithjordan Reviewed by Amanda 'MzOnPointPromo' Goldben on 10:27 AM Rating: 5

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 photo PROVATICAN SMALL AD BANNER_zpsslnb21dt.jpg