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Interview >> The Hated Crew preps for a New Release; Checkout Their Exclusive 1 on 1 w. Breezy Says

A squad of unique artists ready to bring you a taste of hard work and motivation!

Welcome to Mollie's World (The Breezy Says Hot Seat), The Hated Crew

BS: What’s your group name and tell us a little bit about you all. THC: Hello, Mollie's World, we are called The Hated Crew. We originated in Chicago at the underground raves with some legendary friends. The experience was out of of this world. Around 2016 some troubles arise in Chirag and Dj Zig Zag wanted a change of scenery, so we relocated to Denver Colorado.
BS: Where are all of you from? And how did you form The Hated Crew? THC: ATL, Huncho Beezy, J Dot Brwn, Hitman da Hitmaker & Sapphinora: Denver; Mr Exile: Chicago; Smooth da Operator & Major Keef: Los Angeles; TaxFree, Sb the QB, Rocci, Las Vegas, Gold The Prophet & Zig Zag: Miami. Tra'Zae Dj Zig Zag has done underground open mics around the country for well over 100,000 rappers, Emcees, and singers. It was this that brought THC the idea and the motive.
BS: How long have you been working together? THC: THC has been refining our skillz for about 18 months. New and fresh with the ambition and dedication to materialize lyrical content to the masses.
BS: Groups tend to come with a lot of problem because of the different personalities, do you all see this as an issue and if not, how do you manage to keep The Hated Crew working so well together? THC: We are no different than any other humans, it is human nature to show or act a certain way. We, as a crew try to resolve any issues with a simple communication and if that doesn't resolve the issue we search for a solution. At times the solution is to end business ties with that individual. Being, The Hated Crew is sometimes in the spotlight that can make various artists with big egos not easy to work with.
BS: What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you all the proudest of? THC: We have a track on the album "The Watchers," called Marathon, it's about surveillance state...look around and you will see exactly what that song refers to with everything being recorded and/or monitored. Our real fun track is VIP Where I Go, before the quarantine we were very fortunate to experience the Las Vegas VIP experience. Female rap element is I'm that Chick, by Rocci; which will leave you undoubtedly jonesing for more! We were fortunate to play at numerous casinos and networked with like-minded individuals. We are currently finalizing the new album about to drop "End OF Days."

BS: Tell us a little bit more about the upcoming "End OF Days" project. THC: The upcoming project "End Of Days," is here to get like-minded individuals to know the dire circumstance we all face. We have featured Lil Flip on the hot track called Da Purge, it is hard hitting from the Freestyle King!

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Back To The Hot Seat

BS: With the current health pandemic, how do you plan on marketing your project and do you feel this pushes you to different methods of promotion? THC: Since many nightclubs are closed, we have currently purchased THC Radio; we have live shows, games, prizes, ect. The Atlanta branch has not stopped working, they have been fortunate and started to headline events. They recently did a show with Da BaBy. Finalizing 16 tracks for the newest album has been a challenge also studios, have been hit by this virus!
BS: What is the hardest part of the music industry? THC: Hardest part recently has to be the closers and having to cancel over 50 shows, but this did give us the opportunity to craft something different for 2021 tour!
BS: What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed? And have you made accommodations to grew and stay relevant among these changes? THC: The old days of selling a CD out of the trunk is gone. We are utilizing live streams and THC Radio to capture a whole new audience; anyone can press play from anywhere, our interactive interviews has also helped to stay relevant.
BS: Who or what has the biggest impact on your career? THC: Depends on which member you ask we collectively agree the ones with a positive outlook have made us gravitate towards that energy.
BS: What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you? THC: After having placed some of our tracks in video games, this is all a new experience that has been life long dream come true for all of us! We are currently in the process of making short films that will showcase the reality of growth!!
BS: Is there anything anyone wants to let us know that we may have missed?? THC: Check out our newest album "End Of Days." We are all slipping into unknown territory. Emotional expression is what we have conjured!

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