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Sasha Go Hard & Dave The King "Boring"

David Oliver Fells, professionally known as Dave The King, is an American record producer, and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Dave The King gained recognition in the hip hop industry for producing songs for prominent artists across the American hip hop sphere.

In 2015, Dave The King established his first major record placement production, co-produced with Timmydahitman, called "Otherside". It was featured on Peewee Longway's "Blue M&M 2". Sice then he has gone on to produce for many prominent artists, and also has produced theme songs on television. Such as once Comedy Central's hit (now HBO's) new show "South Side".

Connect w/ Dave The King:
Twitter: @IamDaveTheKing
Instagram: IamDaveTheKing
Soundcloud: soundlcoud.com/davethekingmusic

Stream/Download "Boring" on all platforms here