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The Patricia Hills Son LP by Jeremiah Davincii

Patricia Hills Son LP comes at a time of division in the world — between physical division due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the mental division separating different groups of people. This album is elevated above other rap albums because the heart and soul of this piece are centered around raw personal experiences. This album has an authentic tone that shows the world what it’s like to be an African American victimized by skin color. As you listen to the double album progress from track to track, you’ll hear various personal stories being told through powerful music.
This album highlights the true power of overcoming the obstacles that everyone will inevitably experience at some point in life. I’ve felt great loss in this world — between my mother, nana, and ex-girlfriend passing away to being bedridden for debilitating anxiety that took over my life.
Listening to Patricia Hills Son LP will give you hope for the future. Even though I’ve been homeless and starving, my perseverance and determination got me to where I am today — releasing the first double album by an unsigned artist.
This album is dedicated to those who are feeling down about their situations and the fallen. My authentic life experiences are something that most can relate to — and I want to encourage those people to pick themselves back up again. You can beat anything.

You can listen to this dynamic double album wherever you get your music — Patricia Hills Son LP is available on digital platforms everywhere. If you’re looking to connect and share your experiences of loss and triumph with me, you can find me on any of the social media platforms listed below:
YouTube: jeremiah10950
Instagram: patricia_hills_son
Twitter: jeremiah_davincii
Facebook: jerrime lamar hill
Reverbnation: unclejerry
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