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22 Artists You Need To Know In 2022

With a new year, we bring you new music from 22 of the hottest artists from all around the world. These talented artists are making a name for themselves with new hit singles, mixtapes, EP’s, and albums. Presented below by Trillest Ent. with support from DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, in alphabetical order, is a list of upcoming artists that are quickly rising to the top. These are some of the most talented artists that you definitely want to get familiar with in 2022! Check out their new music below and follow them on IG for their latest releases. Read more on Midwest Fleet Radio and Limitless Mag.

38 Goblin – “Hope For Better Days” – Louisiana based hip hop artist 38 Goblin speaks of hoping for better days and not knowing if he will live to see tomorrow, he speaks about the ones he loved and trusted and how they betrayed him and almost had him killed. He mentions he wants revenge for situations that have happened in the past, he speaks of god and the devil being his only witnesses. He speaks on his success and how everyone around him wants him to fail. | IG: @38Goblin 

Akompliss Ft. Moka Only – “Instructions” (Prod. By E. Smitty) Rising Canadian Emcee/Lyricist “Akompliss” jumps off the new year with a boost of positivity for the state of hip hop featuring one of the most decorated and consistent fellow Canadian Emcee’s “Moka Only”.  With a discography and track record that can only be compared to the greats, Moka finds himself back in a familiar space over spitting “Hoarse Raps over Coarse Tracks”. 

“Instructions” delivers much more than music in which the two fellow Emcees put the entire culture on their backs as they spit hard facts and captivating raps that would send chills down the biggest boombap fans backs. Sound Alive Records collaborator “Akompliss” has been making a name for himself and sharing his lyrical talent over heavy boom-bap driven instrumentals by Super Producer/CEO “E. Smitty”. Look out for Akompliss’ collaboration album with E. Smitty set to release in late April of 22′. | IG: @Sound_Alive_Rec @Akompliss @Moka_Only @TheRealESmitty 

Bezaloha – “Yours Truly” – From developing the “StudioVeRse” through minting NFT’s and cryptocurrencies to working on a new EP in the studio, “Yours Truly”, Bezaloha is gearing up for a year to remember. Following his EP release of “Where Were We” and his single “What They Talking About”, Bezaloha has been trending ever since.

Bezaloha finished 2021 by starting his own label “Aloha World of Art LLC”. He started the year off by minting his first NFT. The next NFT minted will include his first EP released via blockchain and will include other exclusive content. This will be the start of oncoming projects that will bridge the gap between music and cryptocurrency. You can visit his website and subscribe to the email list to stay updated on all of his new releases and fresh content. | IG: @Bezaloha

CasinoATX – “Black Luxury” CasinoATX aka The Partyville Mayor, continues his musical campaign, and has hit the ground running in 2022. The Austin TX native’s lead single Poppin’ has been making the rounds across the country, and has been getting play coast to coast from heavyweight DJ’s such as DJ Smallz, DJ Chuck T and DJ Drewski just to name a few. Casino was also announced as an official performing act in this year’s SXSW music conference, which was just announced in late January. Casino most recently announced the upcoming release of a new video, to his song Black Luxury with Dat Boy Supa, a positively beautiful opus to Black America, coming just in time for Black History Month. Black Luxury. | IG: @CasinoATX 

D.Denzel – “Come” – D.Denzel is a rising Canadian based artist and CEO of independent label Jngl Entertainment. The talented artist just released two new hit singles titled “Come” and “All My Life”. Check out his new music now and follow D.Denzel on social media for his latest releases. | IG: @D.Denzel38 

Derange Da Messiah – “Jumped” ft. Raidenrush Derange Da Messiah just dropped a hot new single titled “Jumped” ft. Raidenrush. Check out this dope Michigan and Florida collaboration now and follow him on IG for his new music! | IG: @DerangeDaMessiah

Devin Roy – “Blessings” Devin Roy is nothing if not himself. The 28 year old Bronx native first appeared on the scene with his debut single “M.A.N.” in 2020. Showcasing introspective rhymes layered over smooth production, he quickly followed up with “Blessings” where he displayed his prowess for story telling and a melodic tone. Inspired by a love for music, his influences span across multiple genres and it shows in the variety of cadences he chooses to employ. He knows exactly what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. His lyrics are born from personal experience and allow his listeners to be immersed in what he’s feeling. Comfortable with being transparent with his audience. Roy’s forthcoming debut album “underneath (The Grey Sky)” looks to build on the foundation set by his singles. | IG: @PapiFrio 

D.H.S – “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss) D.H.S is set to release a hot new EP titled “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss) February 2022. Mr. Mossberg Banga out of West Philadelphia is an entrepreneur and the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. 

Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Ever the multi-taskers, DHS (Dark Hustlaz Society) is on a mission to affect change to bring the sound back to the hilltop the mecca of Philadelphia hip-hop where it started.

Artists like Steady B, Cool C, DJ Tap Money, man Called Lux, E Marbles and JoJo, Da Youngstas, and many more The Great LG the Teacher has inspired. Gold and Platinum hits consistently is a destination DHS will have to keep alive with the help The Great LG the Teacher son Quaraan Goodman (QBALL). Look out for “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss) coming soon! | IG: @realmosbergbanga 

DJ Skyscream – “Paradox” – Toronto’s DJ/Producer “DJ SKYSCREAM” releases his new album “PARADOX” available on all major streaming platforms now. Skyscream has created a versatile blend of music with Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Pop, Hardtrap/festival trap, Rap, Grime and Latin. He’s landed himself on major blogs and magazines as well as been on radio stations such as 107.9 fm Hamilton Ontario, NYC HOT 98.6, 104.7 KISS FM, Culturevate radio, RNH.108 and much more. DJ Skyscream has also caught the interest of Def Jam, Sony Music, Warner Music and more. His music has been downloaded by DJs such as Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, Alesso, Zedd, DVBBS Marshmellow, The Chainsmokers and more. | IG: @DJSkyscream

D’Vo – “Dim My Light” N.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Experimental Hip Hop and Soul artist from Houston, TX. He is the voice of Global Rhythm and the Owner of the label, Element 11. Within the past year, he has released a Hip-Hop series called The Codex.

D’Vo is a different breed of artistry as he chooses to remain anonymous while giving listeners a

creative experience of hip-hop with down south soul, jazz, rap with modulated voices, and

chopped & screwed. His futuristic sound has earned him four top-charting songs, two of which

received plaques for being a top ten song, Swagger From My Father and Elavated Thinking.

His latest single ‘Dim My Light’ has already received over 50,000 streams on Soundcloud. This

song is about staying confident in your purpose and not allowing anyone or anything to steal

your shine or dim your light. | IG: @NerdLifeByDvo 

Flipstyle – “Metadata” Flipstyle, founder of Street Music Records, continues to innovate the music industry with his latest release, Metadata. The album features the new singles: Modern Entertainment, Pt. 1, iZoom, Lemme Get Dat, We Gone (Make it) & What It Do along with an array of lyrical storytelling and hip hop fire throughout the entire project. Street Music Records has recently expanded with a new media company (Official Announcement – Coming Soon!), so you can expect a lot more music, videos and movies from this upcoming & talented entertainer. Flipstyle is dropping his 6th album, Quantum, 2/15/22 – so be sure visit FlipstyleMusic.com & follow @FlipstyleMusic on IG, TikTok, Twitter & Snapchat to stay up to date on all the latest news and more. | IG: @FlipStyleMusic 

Haze OPC – “We Here Now” Sitting in his office, laid back, rocking a black Official Paper Chasers Records hoodie with “We Here Now” blasting in the background reflecting on how far he’s come and just where he’s headed. Smiling and singing along to the words “I need the finest things in life it’s not a want, I’m tired of being at the bottom, I seen the roaches and all the rodents survive off me” off his latest track. Ending 2021 being named one of the hottest artists of 2021 with the release of the critically acclaimed album “My GOD, Myself & I, In GOD I Trust”, everybody’s anticipating what International Haze will be delivering in 2022. While still promoting his latest singles, Transitions & We Here Now, Haze OPC is also putting the final touches on his next album My GOD, Myself, My Family & I. In GOD We Trust. With his dedication, passion, and love for music, he’ll continue to build one of the most successful careers while capturing and creating songs that can and will stand the test of time. | IG: @mr_paper_chaser_opc

NYCitySlicker – “Get To Fucking Know Freestyle” NYCitySlicker has been making music and taking it seriously since June 2021. He really started this for fun, but quickly saw he could go somewhere and should take it seriously. Now he has his 1st mixtape (The Introduction) dropping soon and also started working on his new mixtape (By Popular Demand) dropping this year. You can expect him to turn it up even more, music videos, interviews in magazines, podcasts and more. Expect more original songs and beats and less freestyles, but NYCitySlicker is never gone stop giving y’all them freestyles. He’s coming with that “New New York” sound which is classic New York but modernized. He’s bringing an all around sound and says he might take some risks on his 2nd mixtape and in the future. | IG: @NYCitySlicker 

Quis Esko – “Keep It Solid” – Self-described as a mix between Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and Gucci Mane, Quis Esko started rapping at the age of 12. With his life experiences growing up around gangsters, thugs, pimps, drug dealers and even murderers, not only does he have authority to rap about the things he does but his name carries a certain profile and respect that is not often seen by newcomers. Quis Escobar growing up was locked up, he got into a lot of fights, hung with the gangsters, and with the bangers, his main goal was then and still is now, to get money. His name is well respected in the streets but not just for the gangster reputation but because he gives back to his community. He is a man of the people. Blessed with a strength and determination not often seen, Quis Escobar is a straight talking, rap artist who follows through on what he says. So, watch this space. Big things are happening in 2022. | IG: @quis_esko 

Rookie2x – “Lemme Vent” Rookie2x, also known as William Loftin, is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. The talented artist who tragically recently passed away, first linked with Anthony, CEO of Trillest Ent., several years ago. Anthony believed in his music when no one else did and always told Rookie to keep pushing, that music was his true calling. The CEO promoted his debut album “Calm Before The Storm”, which was a big hit. Soon after, Rookie2x got offered a major record deal, but turned it down because he wanted to stay independent. Anthony and William always shared ideas and knowledge about music and the industry, which inspired Rookie2x to create his own marketing company that was a huge success. 

Anthony says, “not only was he one of the most talented artists, he was the goat of networking, he could open doors no one else could. He taught me so much about the game, I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at today without him. Rookie was always making connects with the right people and would always share his knowledge, helping grow both of our businesses”. Tragically, he’s not here today on earth, he’s in a better place with no suffering and his legacy will always live on through his music. 

Anthony, CEO of Trillest Ent. continues to keep pushing forward and building his company, while also focusing on leading a purpose driven business to genuinely help people succeed and find God. You always have to keep God 1st and live by faith. Money comes and goes. If you live a life based around money you’ll never be happy because money involves numbers and numbers never end. Make peace with what you have and give thanks. Always try to help people, because you never know what someone is going through and your small actions could have a big impact. Long live my brother William Loftin aka Rookie2x, 2x forever. | IG: @Rookie2x

S.Burley – “Road To Riches” S.Burley is a Florida based hip hop Emcee and producer who provides a classic rap sound on modern life issues. His new single “Road To Riches”, is a catchy and high energy track tailor made for young motivated entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and financial literacy. S.Burley shows the talent he possess for doing more than most artists making party music by displaying the combination of having a strong message, lyrics, and vocal performance. Subscribe to his youtube channel and his Exclusive Playlist on his website. S.Burley is here to speak to the people and create positive change. | IG: @sburleytbjr

Switch Kelley – “You’re Welcome” – Dedication and passion for music is what got Switch Kelley here. With marketing being his weakest point of attack, he feels like he has every ability to positively affect the hearts and souls of the people who actually hear his music. Switch Kelley does not label himself as a rapper because he is so much more. “My strength in songwriting and creativity will be the focal points in which I will be separated from the norm. I am of the 1%. God First! Bless all”, Switch Kelley says. Check out his new album now and follow him on IG for his new music | IG: @SwitchKelley

Tazzie H. – “Integrate” Chicago, Illinois native Tazzie H just released his latest project “Integrate” available on all platforms. The rising artist recently celebrated his first billboard in Time Square, New York and continues to climb receiving support from artists such as The Game, Jadakiss, and Zaytoven. Later, Tazzie H appeared on (Rules of the Game) with The Game, in which he featured the song “Yeah Whatever” from the Full Moon project. He also just presented his showcase “Fry Fest” where he headlined and showed out! Tazzie H is definitely a star in the making. | IG: @Tazzieh

The Band of the Hawk – “God We Trust” The Band of The Hawk is back with more heat! Check out the new EP “Features: IV” now! Look out for a new song every week and a new Vinyl release every month. | IG: @bandofthehawk_

Wrightway Jay – “All Pro” Popularly known as Wrightway Jay, the inspired musical talent is passionate about creating relatable songs grounded in creativity. His music is greatly influenced by his life before venturing fully into the entertainment industry. From a humble beginning, Jay made a tremendous effort in his hustle to see that he eventually lived his dream – music. Check out his new hit single “All Pro” out now on all streaming platforms. | IG: @wrightwayjay1