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Riichylee "Russian Cream" Single

Dashim Wan, better known by his stage name “Riichylee”, is an independent artist from the Bronx, New York. Today we present to you his single "Russian Cream". Riichylee states, "The song "Russian Cream" to me is me stepping and thinking outside the box, creating a range of witty thoughts & bars and adding them into my process to making a song. When I think "Russian Cream" I think backwoods and that is also why I named the song "Russian Cream", I played around and told my homeboy I’m about to make a song called "Russian Cream", being he had so many of them. Although I don’t really smoke, he does, so I was basically trolling his smoking habit and here it is today." Check out his single today.

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Who’s Most certain to change the music industry & get his message across to anyone with a set of speakers, with his versatility & Unique style of diversity (Riichylee) is an American Chinese rapper better known for his; swaggish, melodic, Vibeful music. “When I realized I had talent for rapping/Music that’s when I took it seriously. I felt like I could be big one day, so that’s exactly what I began to Focus on. Like I literally had dreams about it. “I Feel like Dreams Are Just Showing You, You At Your Highest Level” After years of perfecting his craft Riichylee began to take music seriously and decided to take his music career to the next level.

In 2020 Riichylee release his first debut single “Tpin” which picked up lots of feedback from YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram after gathering a total of 300k+ views in such little time, along with that came a bunch of comparisons to other artists. (“I don’t sound like anyone I just do me I don’t pay it no mind”). Far from the hustler look but very familiar with it, Riichylee grew his fan base social networking and performing locally every chance he could get. He then later started moving units digitally down to the traditional way hand to hand. Known for his Versatility & the ability to be so diverse, creating witty unique flows and lyrical content in the snap of an eye. Unlike many Riichylee like to freestyle his music for greater content and more feeling-full music. “I call it Swag Rap, but it’s still real at the end of the day” Highly certain and confident of his music guaranteeing he can make anyone sing along or bop to a beat. Riichylee mission is to talk to the people, show the world why he the greatest. “Everybody is great. I’m not the Greatest because I can rap, I’m the greatest because how I can do it”.