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Facts You Didn’t Know About Bizz the Prince

  In 2011, the Jersey Club sound became a popular regional trend which seemed to be only familiar to the New Jersey underground and DJ’s primarily in North Jersey. In 2023, Jersey Club is now an international trend with Lil Uzi Vert and Da Baby dropping chart topping Jersey Club records this year.

  What the world doesn’t know is Bayonne, New Jersey rapper Bizz the Prince was one of the innovators of Jersey Club. In 2011, the Garden State rapper released his debut retail album via Koch  “Prince of Jersey” 2.0. The album featured the Jersey Club record “Drop it Down” which was remixed by Newark, New Jersey’s DJ Lil Man. The remix “Drop it Down”  (left - right) became a trend in New Jersey and Miami earning over 1 million streams combined.

In June  of 2023, Bizz the Prince signed with Dominion Hill Records and his single“New Jerz Anthem” was released via Roc Nations Equity Distribution. The record is another Jersey Club banger from Bizz the Prince.

“Yo we started this sound Jersey Club / Jersey Drill I’m him”

  Is the lead lyrics to his new single “New Jerz Anthem” as the Prince let the industry know where this sound was originated. Although the single dropped only 1 week ago, Instagram and TIK TOK creators are showing their support with dance challenges  and the audio has been used as an anthem for Jersey athletes and Garden State die - hards. Naughty by Nature hip hop icon Treach added a like to a recent Instagram post promoting the single.

“When I signed my first deal back in 2011, i was a kid, In 90 days I went from rapping on my block to BET - into the studio with Freeway, Omillio Sparks, Q Parker of 112, Wu-Tang and DJ Kay Slay. I was busy with touring and radio all over the country. I wasn’t in Jersey a lot because of my schedule, I didn’t know my record was influencing the Jersey Club sound the way it did. I was saying to my label the remix is popping in Jersey and Lil Man is really behind this record. I don’t think they understood at the time but I knew Jersey Club wasn’t going nowhere”. Bizz the Prince

The new single “New Jerz Anthem” is now available on all DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, TIK TOK and You Tube Music.