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Spotlight on Leo W3st

Authentic, laid back and self –assured are just a few words that embody independent artist Leo w3ST. This proud Chicago WestSider is on his way to making his mark on the independent hip hop music scene as proven with his over 60 show performances including his riveting performances at the House of Blues and Hip Hop in Chinatown. w3ST uses the influence of music of today and the past to give rhythm, lyricism, feeling and melodic tunes. Opening for artists such as King Louie and Dave B, w3ST continues to set a trail of his own.

Leo is currently promoting new release "Euro"

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More background on Leo W3st:
Leo has been continuing to make strides in Chicago and surrounding areas. His most recent performances include: a promo tour that was named after his latest project; “ Just HML”. Featured acts on the tour were El Hitta and Mario Canon. He also performed at BlerdCon (Black Nerd) convention in Washington DC and 1865 Juneteenth Fest in Garfield Park. Following his previous album debut “Just HML '' and wrap up of his promo tour, Leo recently launched a mini series called “On The Loos3” that highlights all his unreleased music put into small videos for instagram. The series name "On The Loos3 '' comes from the tracks being labeled as "loosies" and him only recording the series when in another state. To coincide with the new vlog series, Leo w3ST released a new music video for the song “Been A Min.” The talented rapper has received major media coverage in sites including Whats the WordTV, Hip Hop On Deck, DirtyGloveBastard and more. Leo latest album “Just Hit My Line” features production from DommOrelse and features with Mosaic and Benji.