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Big Huey ft Lear "Come Take a Ride With Me" Single

Big Huey is an artist with a focus on connecting with people through high-quality and inspiring music. In addition to making his own music, he is also the founder of record label StreetNerdzTheLabel. Big Huey uses the label as a way to reach out and bring quality music to the Detroit community and beyond.

As a proud artist representing the Motor City scene, Big Huey has developed a style that often favors very personal songwriting. He loves to use his music to share thoughts, stories, and songs that come straight from his heart, often going for a more intuitive approach that's a kin to expressionist painting. Some will just see a bunch of random colors on a canvas, while others might just see a thoughtful piece of art with so much to offer. Big Huey is a true visionary, and he loves to collaborate with like-minded people in order to make his art happen and bring more variety to his music.
Big Huey's sound defies categorization, blending a diverse range of influences that include hip-hop, pop, street music, and the soulful echoes of Motown, Detroit's own musical legacy. His upbringing instilled in him a deep understanding of life's hardships and the resilience required to overcome them. This profound connection to struggle resonates powerfully in his music, drawing in listeners who have faced their own trials and tribulations.
At the same time, his songs have a galvanizing, uplifting quality, which makes them stand out. Songs like "Come Take A Ride With Me" is a perfect example. Big Huey's vibe on this release is reminiscent of greats such as 2Pac Shakur or The Notorious B.I.G., while he definitely also set out to bring a unique twist to the table with his one- of-a-kind formula.

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As Big Huey continues to evolve as an artist and grow through inspiring content, videos, collaborations, and other projects, his music promises to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who listen.
Find out more about Big Huey and do not miss out on his music. He has a few amazing songs in the works, and this is going to be an exciting time for the artist, so stay tuned for what's coming