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This is Joey Majors x GREA8GAWD 3rd single off the collaboration project “ Wolf SZN ”. There 1st single was “Boss Moves” which featured Benny The Butcher which also has a video & out on all DSP’s. These 2 Upstate New York OG’s are not playing alongside Jadakiss in “No Losses”. Expect more classics from these 2 artist. This new video "Diamonds in the sky captures and gives you a great look into the lives of GREA8GAWD And Joey. They tactually look like what they are rapping about which isnt something you see too often in today's rap.

KayOne's "Arch That Back": A Sensual Anthem

Los Angeles, the epicenter of creativity, introduces rap prodigy KayOne, whose magnetic artistry is turning heads once again with his latest release, "Arch That Back." Collaborating with Chris O'Bannon and Siete7x, KayOne delivers a rhythmic delight celebrating the allure of women. Following his recent hit, "Darkest Night," featuring the likes of Jon B, Daiyon, The Million Dollar Voice, and Tc Bradshaw, KayOne solidifies his reputation as a versatile artist who seamlessly blends old-school vibes with contemporary beats. "Arch That Back" isn't just a song; it's an ode to empowerment, sensuality, and confidence. KayOne's signature storytelling prowess, combined with his collaborators' finesse, creates an infectious track that's bound to captivate a global audience. As KayOne's star continues to rise, "Arch That Back" stands as a testament to his artistry and evolution, promising fans and newcomers alike an entranc

IL Boi presents Gritty Ent Cypher Volume 1

 IL boi brings midwest artists Wak 815, Gng R3d on3 and Reily Wilson together to create a classic street style cypher.  Each artist is unique and stays true to their roots to deliver nothing but midwest bars. This is a must listen and has a bpm of 92. Special shout out to King Elite for making the beat! Type in with all these artists by checking out the links below. Cypher  Song name:  Gritty Ent Cypher Vol 1 Artist names: IL Boi Reily Wilson Wak815 Gng R3d On3 Social Media   Wak815 - relaxandearn/ Reily Wilson- reily.wilson/ Gng R3d On3-  https://www.instagram. com/official_r3don3/ producer King Elite - kingelite928/

Spotlight on Louisiana Rapper, Millione Mills

Millione Mills, the Louisiana-born rapper, defies the odds and stands tall as an emerging star in the music industry. Born Antoine Mills, in New Orleans,Louisiana Millione later moved to Slidell, Louisiana, and grew up in the gritty projects of where drugs, crime, and violence were rampant. Despite his upbringing, Millione found solace in music and began writing and recording his first tracks in 2007. Having carved out his own unique sound with a blend of melodic hooks and hard-hitting verses, Millione's music showcases his raw talent and unwavering determination to succeed. His musical influences range from industry heavyweights such as Jay Z and 2Pac to modern-day legends like Drake and J. Cole. But Millione's journey to success has been far from easy. At the tender age of 14, he fell into the clutches of his city’s underbelly and started selling drugs, under the wing of a neighborhood drug dealer. This led him down a dangerous path that culminated in a life-altering inc

[Single] DJT3 - WWYD ft Gorilla Zoe, P3rk, Big Boogie, Jessica Dime

Meet DJT3, the vibrant and electrifying New Orleans bounce artist who is taking the music world by storm. Hailing from the birthplace of jazz and infused with the spirit of Mardi Gras, DJT3's music is an irresistible fusion of energetic beats, infectious hooks, and unapologetic self-expression. Born and raised in the heart of New Orleans, DJT3 was immersed in a rich musical heritage from an early age. Growing up amidst the pulsating rhythms of bounce music, they found inspiration in local legends like DJ Jubilee and Fila Phil , DJ Jimi, Partners N Crime whose dynamic performances and distinctive style left an indelible mark on DJT3's artistic journey for Old School Bounce with a New Age Feel! From an underground sensation to a rising star, DJT3 has carved their own path in the world of music. Embracing the raw energy and empowering essence of bounce, they have cultivated a sound that resonates with audiences far and wide. Their music blends the traditional bounce elements wit