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Spotlight on Ajey

Ajey, an American artist originally hailing from New York but raised in Miami, Florida, rose to prominence in 2016 when his music captivated audiences on the Instagram explore page. In addition to his musical talent, Ajey pioneered the creation of meme-like videos, a trend that gained traction in 2016. His hit singles, including "Fuck My Ex," "Selfish," "U Never Answer," and "Fuck School," have individually garnered over 700,000 views on Spotify. Ajey's increasing popularity led to a significant milestone – a distribution deal with EMPIRE, a feat recognized by numerous influential figures on Instagram. Notably, Ajey's debut album has surpassed 6 million streams, achieved solely through his solo artistry, without the collaboration of any featured artists. Click Here to Stream/Add to Spotify Playlists Connect w. Ajey: IG: @AjeyMusic TikTok : @AjeyMusic @SheLovesAjey Distributor : EMPIRE

Fedie Demarco “Grand Imperial” Video Directed by Ice-T

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ice-T's Protégé Fedie Demarco Revives Authentic Lyricism in Gangster Rap Releases “Grand Imperial” Video Directed by Ice-T Fedie Demarco - “Grand Imperial” ft Ice-T Watts, California – [December 22, 2024] Watts native and rising hip-hop sensation Fedie Demarco is making waves with a powerful resurgence of authentic lyricism in Gangster Rap. In a genre often crowded with trends, Fedie distinguishes himself by bringing back the raw, unapologetic essence that made Gangster Rap a cultural force. Hailing from the legendary streets of Watts, Fedie Demarco is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rap scene. His music stands out not only for its impeccable flow but also for his ability to infuse genuine lyricism without succumbing to the overly commercialized and sometimes corny Hip-Hop flavors prevalent in the industry. Fedie Demarco shared insights into his musical journey and the inspiration behind his distinctive approach: “I lived in California al

Spotlight on Lil YattaTFC

Lil YattaTFC, is a hip hop artist , actor , YouTuber and Entrepreneur of out NASHVILLE , TN that has been seen or heard on multiple platforms like , Making Magic Network , BET and MORE. Also Traveled many places and made a lot of connections showing his talents , promoting his music ,and his brand. Lil YattaTFC has a proactive way of thinking and is always thinking of a way to get to the next level and raise the bar . Lil YattaTFC is a versatile rapper that has an extremely expandable catalogue, he likes to write music that’s relatable to his fans . He is inspired by real life experiences which influences him as an artist and his writing style. He’s Well Known for his versatility and most admired for his hardwork and dedication while overcoming the obstacles and challenges he faces along the way . Aside from being a musician the multitalented individual is also an Entrepreneur who is CEO of the “ RICHYOLO BRAND “ Also landed a few acting gigs where he is seen on a Nashville Based

Independent 24-Hour Streaming Network

Welcome to Damage TV Netwerk, an independently owned 24-hour streaming network owned and operated by David Indikator Fuller and is based in Philadelphia. Damage TV Netwerk began in 2015 and grew out of the idea of Indikator shopping his signature tv talk show, Enter The Zone TV, to television larger networks. “My goal, at that time, was to shop my show to BET and/or TV One for major distribution.” As the show grew, technology changed and Enter The Zone appeared on its own channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The idea was to think outside the box and go into “network mode” as Damage TV had a great deal of content. Damage TV is now an independent 24-hour streaming network. We have twelve channels on the network. We have the ability to create channels for clients which include educators, business owners, entrepreneurs, music artists, etc. One of our main goals is to empower the channel owners and content creators to to control their narrative and their audience. We differ from other se

From Red Carpets to Reality TV: Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon Heat Up UrbanflixTV with 'Baddie and The Beast' Premiere!

( Los Angeles, CA ) February 13, 2024 - Love takes center stage as actress and recording artist Charisse Mills ( @charissemills ) and music executive and artist/producer Luce Cannon ( @itslucecannon ) debut their highly-anticipated reality television series, "Baddie and The Beast," on UrbanflixTV . Produced by Baddie and The Beast Productions, the UrbanflixTV original series offers an unfiltered look into the whirlwind romance of two dynamic personalities making waves in the entertainment industry. Their paths crossed at a star-studded event, where Luce was performing and Charisse was making a guest appearance. It was a chance encounter that sparked an undeniable connection, despite the stark differences in their backgrounds and careers. Luce, with his street-smart swagger, and Charisse, with her sophisticated elegance, seemed like an unlikely pair, but their chemistry was undeniable. As they navigated the complex world of fame and entertainment, their love story unfolde

Famous Sally & YB "The Truth" EP

Attention DJ's...We've Got Action! Review and download the new and highly anticipated EP title "THE TRUTH" from Famous Sally and YB. Six hard-hitting songs perfect for club sets. Click Here to Download via Also checkout the official music video for "Everybody Scrilla" Connect w/ Famous Sally & YB: Label: Against Thee Grain/EPIC Records Contact: Sylvon Marshall

Artist & Songwriter Jones Releases Hot New “Rush” Single For The Lovers

Rising artist and songwriter Jones returns to the music scene with his first release of the year titled “Rush”. As we prepare to enter the season of love and prosperity this single could not come at a better time. The Mississippi creative is reminding listeners why R&B music is at an all time high. With a more polished sound and budding fanbase, Jones wanted to make a song dedicated to the lovers who take their time when it comes to Love. His southern hospitality and gentlemanly ways can be heard throughout. He is bringing that old authentic R&B back like Victoria Monet, Chris Brown and Summer Walker. Having already grossed over 330,000 views collectively on major streaming platforms, this southern gem is back and better than ever! With love in the air, make sure to include Jones’ hot new single “Rush” to your playlist. You will not be disappointed! Click Here to Stream/Add to Spotify Playlists For More Info visit Website: