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[Single] Wunder "Woah"

Introducing Wunder, an artist with over 12 years of experience in the world of music. Throughout his musical journey, Wunder has found solace and a means of artistic expression, utilizing his craft to narrate his life's tale. While his sound and creative direction have evolved over time, his unwavering musical vision remains intact. Wunder firmly believes in the transformative power of music, acknowledging its ability to heal at the deepest emotional levels. Consequently, he consciously strives to elevate the frequencies of his listeners through his music. With a dream to inspire and motivate others positively, Wunder aspires to help people manifest happiness in their lives. His true purpose lies in crafting music and, in turn, documenting his life journey through his sonic creations. He weaves his personal experiences, including times of pain and despair, into stories of transformation, redemption, and rebirth. His music becomes a conduit for elevating consciousness and spreadi

Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour

Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour. Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson go back to his hometown Indianapolis, Indiana. To kick off his free bricks book tour. Make sure you checkout Celebrity REALTOR Douglas Parson Jr and wife Atiya Parson on tour and purchase The Art of Flipping Bricks available at walmart, target and other book outlets. Drake Realty, Inc. (404) 822-4869 Office 3535 Roswell Rd, Marietta,GA, 30062 Douglas Parson Jr. The Art of Flipping Bricks Iamrealestate11 seort/516467747 iamrealestate1/?hl=en channel/UCaL1hr7Bal-msrxzJyrL_ iQ realestateagents/douglas- parson_roswell__3067832

D-Lo G | On The Radar Freestyle

Watch Video            D-Lo G | On The Radar Freestyle D-Lo G taps in with On The Radar and Gabe P for a freestyle session while they were in Atlanta on their national tour, sponsored by Puma. The NY born rapper tears through a sample of Iniko’s “The King’s Affirmation” during his performance and proclaims greatness with passion. Feeding fans while preparing for the release of the official video for his focus single,  “Free Throws''  (produced by Macfly Beatz), D-Lo G continues to spread his reach with renowned platforms. Stay tuned for more new music and content throughout the rest of the year. Booking/Features: | Follow D-Lo G  |  D-Lo G Music  |  On The Radar Freestyle  |  “Free Throws” (Focus Single)  -  DJ Download Watch Freestyle The D-Lo G On The Radar Freestyle

Mr Nic "Days of Asha" (2023 Remaster) Audio

Check out the audio for the newly remastered "Days of Asha" by Mr Nic and support the movement. Follow The Movement:

Kaddy Kobain releases his latest single "No Fux"

Kaddy Kobain , an artist hailing from Atlanta, GA (originally from Lafayette, IN), has recently released a captivating anthem titled " No Fux. " Produced by the talented Bobby Kritical, the track is a powerful reflection of Kaddy's personal journey and triumph over adversity. Motivated by the envy and negativity surrounding his success, Kaddy channeled his emotions into this energetic song, aiming to inspire others facing similar struggles. "No Fux" holds a special place in Kaddy Kobain's heart due to its relatability. The artist's goal is to bring people together and let them know they are not alone in their experiences. Doctors, teachers, trappers, bartenders, producers, artists, and individuals from all walks of life have expressed their deep connection to this song. Its universal appeal resonates with listeners and serves as a reminder that they can overcome obstacles and thrive. Among the powerful lyrics in "No Fux," one particular line

Facts You Didn’t Know About Bizz the Prince

  In 2011, the Jersey Club sound became a popular regional trend which seemed to be only familiar to the New Jersey underground and DJ’s primarily in North Jersey. In 2023, Jersey Club is now an international trend with Lil Uzi Vert and Da Baby dropping chart topping Jersey Club records this year.   What the world doesn’t know is Bayonne, New Jersey rapper Bizz the Prince was one of the innovators of Jersey Club. In 2011, the Garden State rapper released his debut retail album via Koch  “Prince of Jersey” 2.0. The album featured the Jersey Club record “Drop it Down” which was remixed by Newark, New Jersey’s DJ Lil Man. The remix “Drop it Down”  (left - right) became a trend in New Jersey and Miami earning over 1 million streams combined. In June  of 2023, Bizz the Prince signed with Dominion Hill Records and his single“New Jerz Anthem” was released via Roc Nations Equity Distribution. The record is another Jersey Club banger from Bizz the Prince. “Yo we started this sound Jerse