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Spotlight on L-Smooth

Rodney Dawson admits he has a lot of faith in his friend and business partner, L-Smooth. So much faith, the two quit their jobs working in the carpet industry together to delve into the world of hip hop and f ormed an independent label titled Street City Enterprises. “We first met on the job and used to always listen to music together,” stated Dawson. “One day I told him I like what you ’re doing. Let’s go into business together and that’s when we created the company. I have so much faith in him, it’s kind of ridiculous !” So far, that faith in his friend is paying off. His debut single from the upcoming album, “Pillow Cases,” has received about 10,000 radio spins online and has sold about 200 copies and growing. “ We’re pretty confident this project is goi ng to take us to the next level,” stated Dawson, who is also L-Smooth’s manager. “He is very talented. Think old-school hip hop combined with the sounds of today.” According to Dawson, one word that describes his talented

[Single] Polow Dude - We Party Hard

Since moving to the United States nearly ten years ago from Jamaica, he’s been making quite the name for himself in the music industry. “ When you listen to my music, you’re going to feel good ,” explained Polow Dude. “You’ve going to feel like you can take on the world and do anything.” Recently, he debut a brand new, fun track titled “We Party Hard.” So far, it’s been gaining lots of traction in the online world. According to the talented hip hop star in the making, it’s a party track that can be played from the pop clubs to the reggae clubs. “It’s a really good club banger,” he said. “ There’s a lot energy to it, a lot of good vibes. It’ s a good song, very u p tempo. I t’ s going to get everybody moving. ” Since the single’s release, it’s received more than 400,000 plays on It was certified platinum by after receiving more than 250,000 views. Click [Here] To Stream “Next month, the single is going to be released in Japan. It’ll be played on f

Spotlight on Kilo M.O.E.

Influenced by Wu -T ang Clan, LL Cool J and Nas , hip hop artist Kilo M.O.E is one independent artist on the verge of taking his career to the next level with this release of his first major album titled “Gods and Generalz .” “ I really think it’s going to do real well. I strayed away from what I normally do. I sing a li ttle bit on there,” explained Kilo. “ It cuts really deep into the psyche of where everybody stands right now with hip hop. A lot of people don’t like where hip hop is going. I address that in my music. It just really cuts deep. It also really hits home as to who I am, what I stand for and what I represent .” The talented artist started working on his latest masterpiece in late 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona with producer Tony Martinez of Good Fellas Music. It’s taken about a year to get the album ready for it s September 2016 release—but he says it’s been worth the wait. “ The whole concept of the album is really more of an audio movie. It’s a final battle between gods a

[Single] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Trap Nigga

Five Star Empire's very own Casino Mel is gearing up to release his mixtape project titled "Casino My Religion", Trap Nigga is the first single off that project. Feedback and Support is appreciated. Connect w/ Casino: Twitter: @IamCasinoMel Instagram: CasinoMel Facebook:

[Video] @ItsVain @St Laz @TonyYayo (G-Unit) 'Monster Bars' Part 3

V.A.I.N, St. Laz & Tony Yayo (from G-Unit) post up in #Brooklyn freestyling. Watch 'Monster Bars' Part 3 below: Follow V.A.I.N Twitter/Instagram: @itsVain Facebook: ItIsVain Wesbite:

[Single] Cyko (@iamcyko_) ft @RichHomieQuan - So Much Money

Lost Key Records and Team Bigga Rankin team up to bring you "So Much Money", the latest record from Cyko featuring Rich Homie Quan. Connect w/ Cyko: Twitter: @iamcyko_ Instagram: iamcyko_

[Single] Zay Avenue (@Zayavenue) - Pharoahs in America

Candid, powerful, and refreshingly honest, Zay Avenue ( Born Willie James Parker ) is a breath of fresh air; true poetry to escape a noisy world. The word “escape” embodies much of the meaning behind the artist’s work. Raised amidst the struggles of a difficult upbringing in the streets of Indianapolis, music was “an escape from reality.” While the artist and performer has triumphed through his struggles, his upbringing remains a significant part of who he is as a musician and man. So much so, that the “Avenue” in his stage name “Zay Avenue” is an homage to Drexel Avenue, the street where Zay Avenue was raised. Zay’s love for music, sparked by being the youngest son of old school singers, is d eeply rooted in its complexity, it’s ability to unify and give hope through freedom of expression. Click Here To Stream Zay Avenue’s most recent single (which released on April 10 th ), “ Pharaoh’s in America,” comes at a perfect time for a hurting world. While news headlines show signs of

Spotlight on Vixen Fox (@STUDIO_JUNKIE)

The world desperately needs more artists like Vixen Fox. Unchained to any genre or musical philosophy, Vixen is committed to making great music for great music’s sake, and continues to surprise with her talent and variety. “Music inspires me, the way it transforms and transcends. The way you can make it entirely how you want to be,” says the foxy artist, who lives up to her stage name in more ways than one. Raised in Brooklyn, Vixen turned to poetry and writing as an escape from countless struggles. Years later, after an invitation from a friend prompted a visit to a music studio, she put words to music and has since been an artist to be reckoned with. Unlike many artists in the music industry, Vixen refuses to be tied to any particular musical dogma. In fact, some of her favorite musicians and biggest inspirations venture far from the rap scene. For example, you’d often find her rocking out to Lynyrd Skynyrd , Dean Martin, and Bon Jovi. “I want to be genre-less. My next song might

Spotlight on CJ Tate

If you don’t know who CJ Tate is you’ re about to very soon . He’s about to explode onto the music scene with his first major EP . Click [Here] To Stream “It’s been a very interesting journey to get to where I am now, so I’m excited about it,” stated CJ. “I’ve been really pouring my heart and soul into this upcoming EP . The title for it is still in the works .” While in Memphis, Tennessee CJ released his debut single “Send Her On To Me” which became the #3 worldwide t rending topic of T witter . Since moving to Los Angeles from Memphis, Tennessee three and a half years ago, the talented singer has already made a big name for himself. In fact, his social media following is quite impressive. Just on Twi tter alone, he has more than 438 ,000 followers—which is more than some big-named celebrities. “Coming to California has really just been a leap of faith. My mentor, Troy T aylor, t old me God wouldn’t bring me this far to leave me. I truly believe that and I’m very blessed

Spotlight on Erica Orange (@EricaOrange1)

Erica Orange has always had a profound love for music, but it wasn’t until she had the opportunity to get in the studio and record that she saw its true potential as a career. Once she’d had a taste, it became a catalyst for what would inevitably become her life’s work. “Music is something I live for,” says the singer. She first appeared as a vocalist on J.T . Johnson's album I'm Doing Me in 2010. After getting her start on that project, she recorded her first solo single "My Love Sounds Like Music" in 2011. Relatable and motivating, Erica’s motivation is to make people happy; to give them a way to go through life’s troubles and trials with an uplifting message. “I write about relationships and heartbreak, but I’m not sappy. I write so you won’t feel as bad about what’s happening.” Inspired by artists of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Orange brings an old school vibe to a new age sound. “I am a real different kind of artist. I like to try different styles, I don’t p

[Video] Ortega the Omega (@Ortega_Omega) - Achieve

Producing and making rhymes since the age of 12 , Ortega the Omega is like a fine wine. His music and his talent continues to just keep getting better and better—something he attributes to a lot of hard work and dedication. “ I feel like I have a purpose in life. Years ago, my mom got into a really bad car accident when she was about to give birth to me,” he stated. “S he crashed and then the seat snapped all the way back. When she went to the hospital, the doctor said I was lucky to be alive.” Grateful for his second chance, he’s made it his mission to live life to the fullest and pursuing his dreams in the entertainment industry. That’s why he’s pleased to announce the release of his first big, major project titled “Life Ain’t But a Dream.” “The album has more of an old school-west coast vibe to it with a modern twist,” he described. “I’ve got some auto tune on there. I have some club songs, street songs, political songs—a little bit of everything really. Every song is differ

Spotlight on Sarah Jane (@daisyjane200)

2016 is shaping up to be a promising year for up-and-coming artist, Sarah Jane. For the last two-and-a-half years she’s been working diligently on her debut EP titled “Killer Robots.” “ I’ve been working out of three studios. It’s been an ama zing process,” she stated. “ I’m so proud of all the work that we’ve put into it. We’ve put in a lot of long, long nights, b ut I feel all the hard work is going to pay off. ” The upcoming EP is scheduled for a possible summer/fall release. According to rising star in the making, it promises not to disappoint. Fans will be easily captivated by it after listening to the first few bars, Jane, who is also an accomplished pianist, stated. “The EP is really open, fun, imaginative. I really want ed to leave it up to the fans to decipher what kind of music they think it is. It’s really fun because it starts off light, then it gets more R&B and hip hop towards the third and fourth song ,” she described. “It r eally showcases my talent , not j

[Single] DB FRE$H (@pgdbfresh) ft Future - 3 ZIPS

3 Zips ft. Future performed by db FRE$H. Produced by Lui Kang.

[Video] Bigshot - Money On Ya Brain ft. Kai95 & Sonny Thompson


[Single] Yung Millian (@yunmillian100it) "We Trappin"

Music is how LA native Yung Millian, a thirty year old hip hop artist tells his stories from the dark alleyways and busy streets. Although he now in Atlanta , his heart and music is deeply rooted back at home (insert popular street name). The industry will get to hear this in the largest project of his career: Yung Millian presents Paper Gang. Paper Gang is a group of individuals who have fast cars and big dreams. Paper Gang calls the South Side of Atlanta, better known as Clay County home. In addition to Yung Millian some of the other artists in the group include: D Dash, Camaro Smash, 5108Fred, Mooch, Drigo, Tupee, & Veezy Da Man The father of three has worked with multiple other artists, those include: D Dash, PeeWee Longway, Dreco, and Camaro Smash. Yung Millian’s influences are as unique as is flow, like many who share his Cali roots Yung Millian says he is influenced by such natives as 2 Pac, Ice Cube or Snoop Dogg . But it is his life, friends, family, and emotions t

[Mixtape] Bambi (@AdizBambi) - Return of the Lipstick Bawse

After a two year break Bambi releases her third mixtape "Return of the Lipstick Bawse" which includes an array of remixes and a few original tracks to satisfy her fans until the release of her album. Connect w/ Bambi: Twitter: @AdizBambi Instagram: AdizTheBam

[Single] Wilo (@Wilo305) ft JKash - Wet Wet

Miami artist Wilo has consistently dropped hardcore street anthems, but has teamed up with JKash and prod. TracKingsLLC for "Wet Wet", this one is for the ladies. We appreciate all support & feedback. Click [ Here ] To Purchase Track Connect w/ Wilo: Twitter: @Wilo305 Instagram: @Wilo305

Spotlight on King Dev (@kingdevallah)

Former triple threat athlet e turned musical sensation # King Dev is bursting onto the music scene full force with his first fully produced project this summer. Sparked by the hustle and bustle of the LA music scene, Dev came to the realization that music – formerly a hobby – was his true passion. He’d discovered his pu rpose. With that, Deve n became # KingDev , a name the artist chose as an homage to the law of attraction. He’d call himself # KingDev , and thus would begin his musical reign. The performer, eager to make a name for himself amongst hip hop and rap greats, thrust a great deal of effort and resources into his latest project, a self-titled album scheduled to make its debut this summer, King Dev . “It’s my baby,” the artist and performer confesses, and though this is not # KingDev’s first time in the studio, the album is his first true debut as a professional artist. Determined to be taken seriously in an industry rife with competition, Dev has thrown his heart and

[Album] Joe Cat (@JoeCattt) - 4/20

Looking back on his childhood , musician and songwriter JoeCa t seems to have always been destined for the limelight and music industry. “I g rew up winning talent shows my entire life, so I guess performing w as something I always had in me,” he stated. After meeting in college, he and his friend and producer, Kinderr , have been making beautiful music since. In the last couple of years, they’ve racked up quite a few accomplishments. They won the Battle of Corpus Christi, 2 years ago, and over the span of two months competed and beat out 32 artists for first place . Their music has appe ared on various MTV shows, the N BA, and Tony Hawk’s “The Ride Channel.” Click Here To Stream “We’ve also had our song considered for Fast and Furious 7 . We’re on hold right now for an opportunity with Epic records for a movie place ment,” stated JoeCat . The two have recently teamed up for their latest album release titled “420.” Unlike their previous work which has an electronica feel to it