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[Single] Rmz Keez Natas - On Lock

RMZ Keez NataS from the UK emphasizes his Revolutionary Personality through his Music and through his artistic creations. He spits fire blazing lyrics that crack demon bones which usually leaves anyone who isn't familiar uncomfortable at 1st. With his creative art he aspires to one day leave a revolutionary mark. He promotes Self-Motivation & Self-reliance in his music which gives his music unique style & other material to inspire people all over the world by cracking demon bones with his Revolutionary Dark Demon Bone Cracking lyrics & content. RMZ Keez NataS is the cousin of one half of the popular Birmingham Rap Group 'Lotto Boyzz'. He is the nephew of veteran reggae singer Bonito Star who's albums and singles are selling worldwide. He is the son of late reggae singer 'Trisha Irie' who's videos can be seen on Youtube. He is also the cousin of award winning actor & singer Matt Henry. It is quite obvious by his bloodline that music in his DNA.

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Connect w/ Rmz Keez Natas:
Website: www.welcometoromezhood.webs.com
Instagram: @RMZKeezNataS