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Spotlight on Marc Shyst

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Jam Master J, Biggie Smalls, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Big Pun—these are just a few of the hip hop legends who left a lasting impression on the world of hip hop music before they were quickly taken from this earth. They’re also just some of the late rappers who Marc Shyst plays “homage to on his highly anticipated mixtape.


I’ve very excited about this project. The hardest thing was actually rising to the level of vision I saw. When I thought about doing other artist’s beats, I didn’t want to get on their track and disrespect it or them by just rapping. I wanted to bring the energy of that artist. I wanted to also bring a new light to the song,” he explained.


In the end, the 11-track project turned out far better than anticipated. According to Marc, his latest work of art takes the listener back to a reminiscent era of hip hop music in its purest form.


I love it. I think hip hop has always been about that unspoken voice,” he stated. “I feel like I’m Tupac’s spiritual brother. I feel like I’ve been called to represent his legacy and essence.”


Marc says he hopes through his music he can bring continued respect to the game of hip hop. Although this is his first major release, he has no plans to stop proudly representing his genre—and making sure no one forgets the great artists who paved the way for him and other rappers.


“I want to touch people with my music. I’m a very spiritual rapper. I am a

Christian that’s why a make a lot of biblical references in my music. My style is also urban and street. I’ve a very descriptive story teller, too,” he stated.

To learn more about Marc, check him out on his website at: www.marcshyst.com.